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What is La Puerta?

La Puerta is an online portal where MiHC Scholars can find all the resources they need to get to and through college and to start their career. We have tips and tools for high schoolers, college students, young professionals, and parents all in one place.

La Puerta has resources for everyone! Whether you are a high school student starting the college application process, a college student trying to choose a major, or a young professional looking to start a career, we have everything you need in one place. Our resources are also compiled and created with a culturally-relevant lens: everything on La Puerta is targeted specifically for students from the Hispanic community.

La Puerta is a comprehensive tool that is accessible to our MiHC Scholars at the high school and college phases. We also offer support services for our young professionals and Scholar parents. Click on the links below to learn more about the resources La Puerta has to offer for our users! 

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What Can La Puerta Do For You?

  • Create a college roadmap
  • Learn the hidden college curriculum
  • Connect to networks of career and academic support
  • Access credible and relevant resources
  • Student and Parent focused resources

We're Community Driven

The Michigan Hispanic Collaborative is proud to partner with the community to help serve our students. Find out more on how you can get involved!

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“I applied to college to make my parents’ sacrifices worth it.”

Victoria Hernandez

MiHC Scholar

Cesar Chavez Academy High School

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“We are working to narrow the gap and accelerate graduation and career outcomes by ensuring equitable access to information and opportunities.”

Anita Martinez

Executive Director

Michigan Hispanic Collaborative

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“MiHC has been a critical thought partner and resource for our students.”

Angel Garcia


WesterN International High School

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Michigan Hispanic Collaborative:
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Group 4055

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