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We distinctively teach, mentor, and support academically ambitious first-generation Hispanic high-school and college students in under-resourced Michigan Hispanic communities.



To accelerate Hispanic economic mobility and reduce the growing poverty in the Detroit Hispanic community and poverty throughout Michigan’s Hispanic communities. We believe the most permanent and rapid way to economically stabilize the Hispanic community is through a bachelor’s degree. Our Hispanic “familismo” culture of strong extended and connected families ensures that when you educate one Latino, you empower a community.

Our Strategy

MiHC has four key focus areas: 

  1. College Access 
  2. College Success 
  3. Young Professional 
  4. Innovation & Collaboration 

Equitable opportunity, access, and college persistence drive our efforts. Only 8% of the 50,000 Detroit Hispanics have bachelor’s degrees. 9% of Michigan’s K-12 student population is Hispanic – a number that continues to grow and outpace other groups. These students represent the largest minority group in the country and will grow to 30% by 2060.  



To complement our service delivery, we have created a technology toolkit. Through these virtual supports, we can address digital equity and inclusion and provide even more resources to students and families.  

The MiHC technology toolkit includes: 

  • La Puerta: a dynamic online portal for students, parents, and young professionals that simplifies the complex college and career ecosystem by providing culturally relevant resources all in one place 
  • Text Nudging Support: high-impact behavioral science that regularly engages students, developing mindsets for college success and completion 
  • UStrive: virtual mentorship platform that allows students to connect with Hispanic professionals that provide individualized support and advice  
  • CoPilot: is both a case management and customer relationship management tool (CRM) to support student success