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Over the course of TEN years, from junior year in high school through college and early career, we make targeted investments to support critical transitions in a Hispanic student’s life.



MiHC’s La Próxima Generación (Próx Gen) program provides intentional support and guidance for high school and college students over 10 years. Through our culturally relevant, in-school, 2-generation program, we help students navigate the complex system of college access and college success.

2-Generation Approach

“Rarely is Latino families’ engagement in their children’s educational aspirations acknowledged for this increase in the rate of Latinas/os attending college.”

– Journal of Latinos and Education 2020

MiHC’s Cafecitos model celebrates students and families while addressing fears stalling their college access and persistence. By building strong peer communities of support, parents benefit from practical advice from an experienced parent peer facilitator, a Hispanic professional, and eachanother to ensure families understand the college process. Click here to learn more about our Cafecito Facebook Live Streams.

By empowering students and families to learn how to best support their child’s success, we will see a multiplier effect. When you educate one Latino, you empower a community!


11th & 12th Grade Support

  • FAFSA/Financial Aid, essay-writing, and scholarship workshops 
  • Academic enrichment through La Puerta and strategic partnership opportunities 
  • Internship experiences and a career readiness
  • Mentorship and career exposure opportunities 
  • A summer Latinx Send-Off for college-bound students to help students create cohorts and connect to university resources
  • College tours and experiences 
  • Access to a trained college success coach 

College-level Support

  • Access to professional experiences, including corporate internships 
  • Creation of cohorts at Midwest universities 
  • Career exposure and mentorship
  • Career readiness and soft skills training 
  • Networking and leadership development events 
  • Access to on-campus resources

Early Career Support

  • Professional and leadership development training 
  • Career Planning 
  • First-look career fairs 
  • Industry-specific mentorship and career exploration
  • Access to a trained Career Coach

Collaboration & Research

  • Michigan High School Principal and Counselor summit for Hispanic-serving schools 
  • Michigan college admissions and financial aid summit 
  • Partnerships and events with Michigan College Access and Detroit College Access Networks 
  • Partnerships and events with all Hispanic professional associations 
  • Collaboration with other first-generation college support organizations 
  • University partnerships using La Puerta (Spanish for “The Door”) – our digital roadmap 
  • SW Detroit Community partners and parents to cultivate the college-going culture 


By empowering academically ambitious students from underrepresented communities to complete college, MiHC positions students to financially thrive, mentor, and volunteer to help stabilize Michigan communities