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MiHC Poet Laureate Competition!

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Are you la voz of the hispanic community?

Are you the voice of the hispanic community?

Poem Submission Deadline:
Feburary 17, 2023

Questions & Submissions:


You Do Not Need to be an MiHC Scholar to Join.

Must Be Enrolled in a Bachelors Degree Program.

Must Be 16-24 Years of Age
Before May 2023.

Must Be Willing to Speak at Various MiHC Events.

The Michigan Hispanic Collaboration is celebrating 5 years.

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Want Ideas? Need Help?

Amanda Gorman

"...Showing us our true selves, our human heritage, our heart..."

Oprah Winfrey

The power of poetry

"...Where a deep distress that has dogged our souls and shaken our faith-so difficult to articulate and even harder to bear-is transformed into something clear and pure..."

We look forward to showcase your voice and talent to the community. 

If you are interested or have any questions about the 2023 Poet Laureate Competition, please email