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Supporting high school and college students to ensure they get to and through college

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The Michigan Hispanic Collaborative (MiHC) is working to break the cycle of Hispanic poverty through education and early career program support. MiHC helps Michigan Hispanic students and young professionals navigate the complexity of college access through early career by providing support, resources, and opportunities.

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Our approach

We help ambitious Latino students attend college, graduate, and achieve a successful career.

our impact

Students that participate in our program will graduate from the right college with an employable degree and move on to career opportunities in the professional workforce.

Our partners

The Michigan Hispanic Collaborative is proud to partner with high schools, universities, and other organizations to help us make a difference in students’ lives.


MiHC helps students navigate the complexity of college access, college persistence, and career success.


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Only 21.6% of Michigan Hispanics 25 years and older have a bachelor’s degree.
In Detroit, the rate is only 8%.*

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Celebrate the collective voice and contributions of our communities.


Our sponsors


Our Approach

MiHC provides intentional support and guidance for high school and college students to ensure their college access and persistence. Through our culturally relevant, in-school, 2-generation program, we help students navigate the complex system of college access.

11th & 12th Grade Support

  • FAFSA/Financial Aid, essay-writing,
    and scholarship workshops
  • Academic enrichment through
    tutoring and SAT support
  • Internship experiences and a career boot camp, which includes hard and soft skills training
  • Mentorship and exposure opportunities
  • A summer Latinx Send-Off for college-bound students to aid students in creating cohorts,
    connecting them to university resources, and mentors
  • College tours and experiences
  • Access to a trained college counselor

College-level Support

  • Corporate internships
  • Creation of cohorts at Midwest universities
  • Mentorship and exposure
  • Additional soft skills training
  • Networking and leadership
    development events
  • Career development

Early Career Support

  • Professional and leadership development
  • Career Planning
  • First-look career fairs
  • Industry-specific mentorship

Collaboration & Research​

  • Michigan High School Principal and Counselor summit for Hispanic-serving schools
  • Michigan college admissions and
    financial aid summit
  • Partnerships and events with Michigan College Access and Detroit College Access Networks
  • Partnerships and events with all Hispanic professional associations
  • Collaboration with other first-generation college support organizations
  • SW Detroit Community partners and parents to cultivate the college-going culture


By empowering academically ambitious students from underrepresented communities  to complete college, MiHC  positions students to financially thrive, mentor, and volunteer to help stabilize Michigan communities


The need

Hispanics represent over 18% of the United States population and are projected to make up a third of the population by 2050. Despite these powerful numbers, the Hispanic community remains undereducated, underemployed, and underrepresented.

Low college attainment has a negative impact on a state’s economy. The Hispanic academic achievement gap alone is currently costing Michigan $1 billion.

There are 500,000 Hispanics in Michigan. 25% of them are living below the poverty level.

Of Hispanics in poverty in Detroit, 51% are under the age of 17

15.7% of Hispanics in Michigan are getting bachelor’s degrees – in Detroit, the rate is 6.1%

The Hispanic community is almost 17% behind the national average of individuals with a bachelor’s degree, the annual wage advantage for individuals with bachelor’s degrees is around $24k

The median household income for Hispanics in Southwest Detroit is $27,811 – compared to the median household income in the U.S. ($57,652)


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The work of the Michigan Hispanic Collaborative would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. We would also like to thank the private donors and
family foundations who have contributed.

* U.S. Census Bureau (2020)